Jiann is an interdisciplinary artist and researcher, born in Belfast, now living in Melbourne. She produces speculative fabulations to challenge boundaries, particularly those used to define and constrain human bodies. Her artworks sometimes invite participation, often to toy with methods of influence and dynamics of power.

She works across media, often using moving image, audio, and sensors, but has also been known to work with heartbeats, breath, earthworms, and pigs. An enduring theme in her work is the revealing of what comes to matter in our entanglements with technology. Her approach is collaborative, her work shaped by the material practices of many bodies, including those of discourse.

Jiann completed a practice-based PhD, titled ‘Speculative Fabulations for our Sensor Society’, from UTS Sydney. A graduate from the Sydney Film School, Jiann was awarded a Masters degree in Community Cultural Development from the University of New South Wales, Sydney. Her artwork has been encountered in galleries and beyond in Australia, Hungary, Ireland, New Zealand, Spain, and the UK.